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Are you searching for a contractor that can upgrade your existing bathroom professionally and affordably?

Get in touch with Advanced Professional Contractors and go for a complete makeover of your bathroom with affordable bathroom remodel contractor cost. As reputed bathroom renovation contractors, we cover every aspect of bathroom remodeling, from simple plumbing to drywall insulation. That’s why we act as a one-stop-shop for all your bathroom remodeling needs.

Stay with a reputed contractor and trim down the traps

Remodeling your bathroom can turn out to be quite a hectic task with a wrong contractor. There is a long list of bathroom remodeling contractors out there that will convince you with their cheap bathroom remodel contractor cost and impossible to believe remodeling services. But if you will work with an A+ rated(BBB) company with 800+ A ratings and reviews in the form of Advanced Professional Contractors, then remodeling your bathroom will turn a dream come true for you. With us, you will not have to worry about even the bathroom remodel contractor cost.

Why do you need bathroom remodeling?

  • Plumbing issues- You may need to hire bathroom remodeling contractors for complete bathroom remodeling if dealing with plumbing issues in your bathroom has become a part of your daily routine.
  • Enhance safety- You can also hire bathroom remodeling contractors if you are planning to make the bathroom safe for old-aged people or people recovering from an accident.
  • Adding bathroom- If you are finding your single bathroom falling apart from fulfilling your family's needs, you may add a new bathroom by hiring bathroom remodeling contractors.
  • Increase value of the home- Hiring a custom bathroom contractor and giving a completely new look to your bathroom will increase the value of your home as real estate agents include bathroom conditions while deciding the value of houses.
  • Enhance energy efficiency- By consulting a custom bathroom contractor, you can develop new ways to make your bathroom more energy efficient and then go for the bathroom remodeling.
  • Get rid of mold- Mold growth can be a severe problem in your bathroom that stays wet most of the time. By hiring the right custom bathroom contractor, and through proper remodeling, you can get rid of mold and mildew.

Complete Bathroom Remodeling Service

You will never have to look for extra plumbers, technicians, or wiring experts after choosing us as your custom bathroom contractor as we offer complete bathroom remodeling service.

From tiles installation to adding new fixtures, we will cover every aspect of bathroom remodeling, and that’s why we will act as your single source of all your bathroom renovation needs.

And with us, your bathroom remodels contractor cost will also become affordable. Choose us as your bathroom renovation contractors and let us turn your dream into a reality.

Our three-step process


We will assign a professional designer for your project, and he will work along with you to come up with an impeccable design. From budgeting to aesthetics, everything will be covered in this stage. This is how professional bathroom renovation contractors begin the project on the right foot.


In the second stage, we will source all the materials required for your bathroom renovation from industry leaders. We choose the best quality materials for lighting, water supply, tile, cabinetry, and other parts of the bathroom.

Renovation and installation

We work with passion and dedication during the entire renovation process for providing top-notch work, and that’s what makes us ideal bathroom renovation contractors.

Throughout the renovation and installation process, we will maintain the budget, quality, and timeline.

A pocket-friendly way to remodel your bathroom

At Advanced Professional, we don’t only offer economical bathroom remodeling service, but we also offer 100% financing that allows our customers to adjust the bathroom remodel contractor cost in their budget without any hassle. With only a 5% processing charge while adding the credit card, you can opt for 100% financing and make bathroom remodeling more affordable.

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