If you have a basement then you know the joy it brings. Having a basement provides an added sense of privacy that other rooms in the hole won’t provide. This is usually a large space that can fit reclining chair, pullout couches, big-screen TVs, and even a pool table. Having a place like this to gather with family members and friends is absolutely great. On the other hand, the basement can also develop problems from time to time. Because it is so low to the ground, moisture, humidity, and toxins and pool in this area of the home. As a result, homeowners might need to refinish or renovate their basements from time to time. There are a few signs that you need to watch for that indicate your basement needs to be refinished.

There Is Mold Present

The first sign that your basement might need to be refinished is that there is mold present. It is a sure sign that something is wrong somewhere. Mold usually appears green and black and causes a funky smell to permeate through the room. This comes from the spores that the mold releases. This can irritate people who suffer from asthma and allergies. For those with immunodeficiencies, this can be even more serious. In this situation, it is important to call the professionals for help dealing with the mold and refinishing the basement.

The Basement Is Always Damp and Smelly

Another sign that the basement needs to be refinished is that it always seems to be damp. While summer is a great time to enjoy the open water, there shouldn’t be water pooling in the basement. Dampness is often a precursor to this problem. This can damage the foundation of the basement, destroy flooring, cause wood to warp, cause the walls to start to peel, and can foster mold growth. For this reason, it is important to keep an eye out for damp spots in the basement. This could be a serious problem and it might even start to damage any furniture that might be present.

There Are Cracks in the Walls

If there are cracks in the walls, the basement needs to be refinished. Cracks in the walls could be a sign of a number of issues. There might be wood rot present. There could be a leak in the walls that is causing water to run through them. The paint might be peeling and it simply needs to be fixed. Cracks in the walls will spread until they are tended to. Furthermore, if this is a load-bearing wall, the problem could spread quickly. Basement finishing contractors have a lot of experience working with walls that might have cracks in them. They know how to address these issues quickly.

There Are Rodents Present

It is possible for rodents to live in the basement. This is a problem that could impact the entire home, damaging other rooms. One of the most common reasons why there might be a rodent infestation is that the basement hasn’t been sealed properly. While windows and doors should be able to open, there shouldn’t be any separations between the windows and doors and the rest of the walls when they are closed. There might be other cracks in the basement as well, providing room for rodents to enter the basement. This is a major issue that has to be addressed.

Cracks in the Floors

While this might not be an obvious problem at first, uneven floors are a big deal. This is a sign that there could be something wrong with the foundation or the ground. Floors are meant to be straight. If they start to dip, this places a lot of stress on the rest of the flooring. They might start to bend and crack, which is an expensive fix. If there is water pooling in a certain area (or if balls always tend to roll to the same spot), this requires the attention of basement finishing contractors. This problem needs to be addressed quickly before the floors develop actual cracks.

The House Is Being Sold Soon

Finally, anyone who is thinking about selling a house needs to take a look at the basement. A lot of times, basements are neglected when the rest of the house is updated; however, a finished basement can actually add a lot of value to the rest of the home. It is important for homeowners to try to get the best price possible for the building. This is where a finished basement can come in handy, driving up the value while generating a great return on the cost of the renovation.

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