The repeated painting of your business premises can depend on the following three major factors, that is the quality of material used, the climate, and the painting contractor’s knowledge and skill level. However, other factors like too much sunlight, excessive moisture, as well as heavy rains, can cause the paint film to degrade over the years. So for you to maintain the business premise, visual appeal, and value, you should know exactly when to repaint it. If the coating system reaches the end of its service life and the signs of deteriorations starts to appear, then is it about time to do the new paint job. The majority will fail to notice these signs even if they are evidently showing. So it is better to identify precise paint failures early enough so as to prevent the structural damage before it becomes extensive and irreparable. It is, therefore, imperative to pinpoint the early stages of degradation. If you see the following warning signs, then you should be having plans for repainting your premises and contact Commercial Industrial Painting Services.

Blistering Paint

It is quite discouraging to finish painting your premises only for it to form blisters and bubbles. This problem can occur in any type of paint, but the more susceptible ones are latex and acrylic formulas. Blisters and bubbles occur both indoors and outdoors. For blisters to occur, the upper layer of the paint must include loss adhesion and separates from the older layers. Painting a wet surface is a common cause of blistering. You should allow the substrate to dry completely before doing the painting work. Allowing the paint to dry before exposure to wet conditions can also help prevent blisters from occurring. Being observant of weather can also help avoid painting immediately after it has rained. So if your premises happens to have blisters, then you should seek Commercial Industrial Painting Services

Fading color

If the paint is fading, it may be regarded as a cosmetic issue, but it goes beyond that. Fading can occur naturally over a period of time. The process can be escalated by the following factor.

Thermal difference

This is the sudden change in temperature. If the temperature surrounding the building is extreme, the stress on the paint system can be greater, and this can escalate the deterioration process.

Over tinting

If the unnecessary amount of colourants are added to white paint than needed, the fading process can be triggered.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight

Exterior or interior walls exposed to sunlight can fade faster. The ultraviolet light emitted by the sun can substantially affect the paint pigments, thereby increasing its vulnerability to several painting problems such as fading.

Inaccurate film thickness

There must be a proper application of paint as far as DIY painting, or any other painting is concerned. If the three is overthinking, the UV light can penetrate the wall with ease, thereby causing fading.

The growth of mold

The growth of mold on your premises is another sign that the premises need painting. Molds can grow on dry or wet walls. The growth of mold on the drywall is a result of cellulose substance. This is one of the materials that mold grows on. Mold can also grow out of sight behind walls, especially in the wall cavities. These spaces have a pocket of moist air, which can provide a good environment for the growth of mold. Detecting the presence of mold is simple, discoloration, or bulging on the wall is a sign that there is moisture on the wall. If you take a closer look, you will be able to see a smaller amount of mold starting to grow. Dealing with the problems of mold can be tiresome, Commercial Industrial Painting Services can be of great help.

Paint starting to crack

If the paint starts forming cracks on the wall, then it is about time you do repainting because it is a sign of paint failure. Patterned cracking can result from a few crack on the paint film, and so as the owner of the premises, you should be cautious of this because when given a chance, it can extend largely on the wall and ultimately leads to an additional problem such as peeling paint. Your wall will, therefore, be left without protection, and elements such as moisture and rainwater will easily find their way into underneath the wall using the cracks and gaps. Additionally, fungi and termites will be able to attack your wall, and the effects will be enormous. It is, therefore, imperative to do an inspection of your building’s exterior severely so as to minimize the potential structural damage.

Corroded and rusted surfaces

Currently, most of the industrial warehouses are using metal sidings; if these metal sidings start to show the signs of corrosion, then you should do a painting to restore their original conditions and, of course going for commercial, industrial painting services will be a better option. If pressure washing has become ineffective in removing dirtDoing pressure washing to your premise’s exterior surfaces is a quick and less expensive way to keep your business freshened up. It may, however, fail to remove some stains. If the failure is persistent, then painting will be a better option.The considerations may be so many, but it would be appropriate to consult with the experienced commercial, industrial painting contractor before you can repaint. For more information use the link below to visit our website and hire our Commercial Industrial Painting Services.

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