There can be an urge to attempt to do a do-it-yourself (DIY) paint job. For most people, the primary reason they want to try to save money. Some might like to challenge themselves, learn new skills, or start a new career. There could be some good reasons for a DIY paint job but it is important to clear some misconceptions before getting into the project. Going with commercial industrial painting services is going to have some clear advantages. Here are some reasons why a DIY paint job might not be a good idea.


DIY paint in a commercial building can end being more time consuming than initially expected. To begin with, all the walls will need to be cleaned. To protect any objects that cannot be removed from the building, they would need to be securely covered with a tarp. After that, any imperfections in the wall such as holes will need to be fixed. This will be followed by sanding the wall to make it level and adding a primer to make the walls ready for paint. The walls might need more than one coating. In most cases, two or more coatings are required. Even for an experienced painter, it would take a lot of time to complete a DIY paint job for a commercial building. Even if everything goes right in the first attempt, it could take days or weeks for the project to be completed. In most cases, there will be a lot of trial and error and that is going to cost even more time.

Wastage of money

There is a huge list of supplies and equipment needed for a proper paint job. These will have to be bought to get the best results. Not only will the project need buckets of paint, brushes, and rollers but it will also need tarps, ladder, tape, drop cloths, and more. Will all this be needed after the project is completed? Probably not. That means, all the money that went into buying these tools and equipment is going to be wasted.

Another aspect of a DIY paint job that can waste money is from the inaccurate estimation of the amount of paint required. Doing an incorrect estimation of the paint required could mean unused paint is leftover and is going to be wasted or too little paint is available meaning the budget for the project was underestimated. Either way, the incorrect estimation of the paint required is going to waste money.

Not desirable result

Even if things go smoothly, the final product might not be as desired. Maybe the color didn’t turn out as expected or maybe it required extra layers of coating that was not budgeted for. There is no guarantee of the desired result but a professional painter might have guided you to a better decision regarding the choice of the color, type of paint, budget, time frame, or other technical aspects that they have learned through years of experience.

Safety hazards

No one can predict when an accident could occur but you could minimize the probability of it happening. A fall of the ladder or a poke in the eye by the roller pole, a DIY paint job increases the odds of you getting hurt. You can’t predict how serious the injury could be but why take the risk? You don’t want to regret starting a DIY project only to get seriously hurt. The professionals who provide commercial industrial painting services are going to have protocols and systems that a less experienced painter will not have.

Clean up

A DIY paint job can be difficult to clean up. Just to get started with the paint job, the entire area needs protection from splatters, spills, and breakage. Protective tarps will be needed to cover furnishings that cannot be removed. After the paint job is completed, the clean-up could take a lot of effort as restoring the area to its original setting is part of the job. All the furnishing will have to be placed back into position. All of the brushes, rollers, etc. would need to be cleaned and certain items would be needed to be safely discarded.


Painting is more than just rolling paint on the wall. If you are not a professional painter, chances are the result of the paint job is not going to be of the highest quality. That could mean the paint is even, there are missed spots, brush marks, or other elements that make it clear that the paint job was done by an amateur. Through years of experience, commercial industrial painting services providers have learned proper application of the tools and equipment for the desired result. Also, they are better equipped to handle unexpected situations such as finding imperfections in the wall while painting.

Permanent damage

You might think that you should give the paint job a try yourself and if you are not able to do it then you can call in the professionals. That is a risky proposition. A DIY paint job can cause permanent damage that might not be able to be fixed in a reasonable amount of time or cost. Certain chemicals or paints can cause damage to the wall and hurt the integrity of the wall in the long run.

Why Advanced Pro Contractors?

There are several reasons why a commercial industrial painting services company like us should be used for a commercial paint job. The professional painters are going to provide a specific budget that will cover everything needed in the project. They have all the tools and equipment needed to complete the job. They will also have a more specific timeline for the completion of the project. There is much less chance of them making mistakes than when trying to do it yourself. 

You can always have a look at paint jobs that they have completed for other clients to get a reference for their quality of work. We have the experience to guide to make informed decisions regarding the type and color of paint for your requirements. We can also guide you through maintenance tips for the tips and common pitfalls to avoid. These are just some of the advantages of going with painters that have experience with commercial industrial painting services.For more information contact us today!

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