Driveways, Walkways, & Steps

Are you noticing cracks in the concrete driveway?  Can’t remember when was the last time you got your driveway inspected for damage?

Concrete driveways are a preferred choice for homeowners because of their low maintenance cost, aesthetic appeal, and high durability, making it last for more than 50 years when properly taken care of.

But with time, the concrete driveway starts to show signs of aging and damage. This is where you would need the help of Advanced Professional General Contractor’s concrete driveway repair experts who hold expertise in repairing the concrete driveway with damage of any gravity- no matter how big or small.

Maintaining driveways, walkways, and steps are integral in the look and feel of every home. We aim to fulfill this need of the customers by providing them with the best quality services. At Advanced Professional General Contractors we provide design and installation of driveways, walkways, front porch steps, and back doorsteps. We are the best-licensed contractors with the proper expertise and tools to provide you the best outdoor home remodeling. We never compromise on time and work closely with you to create your desired driveway, walkway, and steps. Customers can rest assured that our installations are done with precision by experienced professionals.


Walkways and steps serve a lot more than providing a way to get to your house or business. They increase the appeal of a home or a commercial building and, therefore, particular attention should be paid to these details. Concrete is the most commonly used material for outdoor walkways and steps, but we provide different alternatives just to spice up the overall appearance. You can choose from gravel, stone, concrete, brick, interlocking concrete paver, granite, slate and much more!


Similarly, construction of driveways also requires particular attention as they can be easily damaged and require expensive repairs. We ensure the installation of a beautiful driveway with a firm foundation which will not get any cracks and will last a lifetime. Our home remodelers work efficiently to fulfill your requirements at an economical cost. Dealing in both residential as well as commercial development, our team of professionals has the right knowledge, skills, and equipment needed for the installation, maintenance and the repair of driveways, walkways, and steps.

What causes concrete driveway damage?

The following can lead to serious damage, requiring consultation of a concrete driveway repair service:

Heavy load:

While driveways are made to bear heavy load and support the weight of indescribable weight, but this doesn’t mean that they can not be destroyed. Pressure on the surface of the driveway can lead to breaks, cracks formation, or even potholes.

Shifting of Earth and Soil

We all know earth constantly moves, which shifts the soil, and while the changes are unnoticeable, this shifting of earth and soil can lead to unevenness and cracks in your driveway.

Weather condition

This is a natural phenomenon, and constant exposure can have a significant impact on the appearance of the concrete driveway. Water damage can seep into the driveway leading to hairline cracks, thereby breaking down the components that made the older driveway.

What are the signs of concrete driveway damage?

  • Cracks- linear, deep, wide
  • The sunken area around the driveway
  • The driveway is demanding excessive repair
  • If you notice any discoloration
  • Standing water in the potholes

Why Us?

We, at Advanced Professional General Contractor, deploy a team of licensed, trained, and certified technicians to make your driveway look brand-new.

We guaranteed supreme quality concrete driveway repair service at the most competitive price in the market.

With us, you can rest assured that our concrete driveway repair service will enhance the aesthetics of your home’s exterior.

Contact Advanced Professional General Contractors to put your outdoor space to good use and provide an artistic expression to the outside of your home or business. Our installation and repair service of driveways, walkways, and steps is rated the best in the North New Jersey area!

our expert technicians for a free consultation on a concrete driveway repair service!

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