Electric Planning & Repair

If you are looking at professional electrical planning, installation, or repair for your home or business, then Advanced Professional General Contractors are the right service provider for you. Our team of qualified and trained electricians and technical personnel can handle all your electrical needs; whether it is a single troubleshooting repair service or a turnkey electrical project. Whether new installations for a new home or business or electrical re-design and repair in your existing home, we offer reliable, affordable and efficient service.


Our range of services includes electrical testing, re-wiring, and electrical installation of fixtures such as fans and light fixtures. Whether your electrical installation is in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, we are here to take care of it. Do you have a complicated appliance installation? Do you have a socket or fixture that needs relocation? Our licensed electricians are available to handle all your electrical planning, installation, and repairs. Other services include mood lighting design, LED planning and replacement. We can also assess your current electrical set-up and offer advice and assistance in correcting any existing inefficiencies in the system. We can help lower your utility bill as well as making sure your electrical system is energy efficient.


Whether indoors or outdoors, residential or commercial, our team of competent and well-trained electricians will consult, plan and work with you to deliver the best electrical services, while following all safety codes and procedures. With newer technological advancements in electrical units and systems, your home or business will require constant upgrades in terms of electrical panels or circuit installations. Our services are available round-the-clock, and you can rely on us for any electrical related event that needs to be managed in the shortest possible time.

What are the signs you need to consult an electric repair service company?

  • Strange Noises

If any of your electric appliances or outlets are making any unusual noise, this might indicate a severe problem with the internal wiring, which only an electrical repair service company professional will be able to identify.

  • Moving Outlet

Is the power outlet moving or shifting every time you unplug a device/ This is a clear sign of some serious electrical problem involving loose connections. It should be inspected and fixed only by an expert technician.

  • Frequent Sparking

In general, you should not take any sparking casually, but if there is continual spring from certain outlets, you need to consult an electric repair service company to get it checked before it leads to a disaster.

Why Us?

We employ licensed, trained, and certified technicians to guarantee supreme quality electronic repair service, no matter how big or small your electrical problem is.

We first assess the gravity of the situation to understand which electrical repair solution will fix the problem for good and then implement it with effectiveness.

Our expert technicians come back with extensive experience in electronic repair services for residential and commercial properties.

Every process carried out by our technicians is intending to ensure that not only your electrical problem is fixed, but you are not burdened with surging energy bills with quality equipment installation using the latest energy-efficient technology.

With us, you can rest assured of being provided with quality electronic repair service at the most affordable price.

We understand the importance of detailed planning, safe installation, and superior customer service. No project is too small or too large for us. We believe in delivering quality service at the right price! Call Advanced Professional General Contractors for all your electrical installation and repairs today!

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