A garage is an attachment that every home should have. This essential attachment is where you store items like yard machinery, outdoor kids toys, and anything you don’t have room for in your house. Therefore, at one point you’ll need repairs or a new garage installation. Advanced Professional General Contractors offer services which include garage installation, remodeling, repair, and renovation.

Garage Installation

This is a process that needs to be handled with care so that your garage can last longer without needing repairs. We ensure that we deliver high-quality garage installation. We also include high-quality accessories such as springs, cables, tracks, hinges, struts, and openers. Just like any other structure as you continue using your garage, it will require renovations at some point. We ensure that our contractors will handle the project with care while observing structural integrity as well as maintaining beauty and functionality

Garage Repairs

Your garage has many components and as you continue using it some of these parts may start malfunctioning. You may realize that the door is opening half way or making strange noises. The hinges can wear our making it almost impossible to open the door. Some of the factors that make these parts have a short life span are the use of low-quality materials and lack of carrying out maintenance practices such as oiling the moving parts. However, you don’t have to worry as Advanced Professional General Contractors will inspect your garage, repair the broken parts, and replace any parts that cannot be repaired.

Garage Remodel

During garage installation, you may have underestimated how useful it will be, but you have now realized you need to remodel it. A garage is a perfect space to turn into a studio, home office, or extra living space. Our contractors will inspect your garage and help you remodel it to gain maximum satisfaction. We will suggest the best design from cabinets to flooring and paint!

If you need garage installation, remodeling, and repair services contact Advanced Professional General Contractors to get high-quality garage services in North New Jersey!

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